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Sorry, we've Closed.

To Each and Every one of Our Treasured Students,

It is with both a heavy and elated heart I write this letter. For nearly 16 years we've been fortunate enough to have been teaching yoga and only yoga to our beloved community. During this time, we've had many, many ups and downs. During this time we've met some of the most remarkable people in the world—case in point, Elizabeth Gayle Folk. You may know her as Elizabeth Blanchard, my wife. I've watched many of you grow up in between these studio walls. My three children have been born and begun to grow up during this time as well. I can say without a shadow of a doubt, even though I've made and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years, I never taught one day for economics. Maybe if I had, I wouldn't be writing this letter today. The only constant in life is Change, and it's time for change yet again. With the landlord ignoring our request to fix repairs in the building AND raising the rent Jan. 1st (which we cannot afford) we are at a loss. My wife and I have thought long and hard over a decision to close the studio and in the end it's the only one that is possible for us at this time.

I've been supporting the studio over the past few years completely with funds I've earned outside the studio. All our children are in school and working themselves these days. I am their coach and my wife manages their careers. Liz is a full time working Mom as well and I have so much on my plate these days, I simply can't make enough time to be at the studio anymore. I am also directing my first feature this spring with both Rowan and Carmen in it and have to devote most of my working hour to this once in a lifetime endeavor.

I want to thank each and every one of you, who have ever stepped through our doors from the bottom of my heart. I love you all and will cherish the memories of Mark Blanchard's Power Yoga Studio on Tujunga in Studio City for as Long as I live. To watch you all grow in your practice through adversities in your outside lives has truly made us proud—you have no idea. We have used some of you as examples in our own home for our children. You have made us proud.

There is a chance that the studio may go on under a close friend and student of ours, however the landlord is making it extremely difficult for them to close the deal. We will keep you informed as the month goes on. PLEASE send your positive mojo out there, to make this happen. If this does happen, Elizabeth and maybe a few others, will still teach a few classes a week, and I will teach workshops and Teachers Trainings. Breathe deep my friends and Keep Your Practice Strong and Honest. No Music, No Props, No Devices, No Excuses, No Posers. Just be the best you can be and come to your mats with Honesty and without your Egos!!

Mark Blanchard



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