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Next teacher's training coming in Spring 2011.

An intensive teacher's training designed to bring the Mark's True Power Yoga philosophy in you. For more information send a message on Mark's True Power Yoga Facebook Account or read here.

Mark Blanchard’s Power Yoga
4344 Tujunga Ave. Studio City, CA
(818) 769-6427

with Noelle
Studio City new class!
Ultimate Yoga Flow with Noelle, Tuesdays 3:30pm - 5:00pm
A strong workshop style class that will allow you to go deeper into your practice. A heat building, booty kicking, leave feeling amazing class full of arm balances and inversions.

We will focus on cultivating strength in the pelvic floor, which will allow you to develop all of your inversions, arm balances, and transitions. Using breath as a tool to help you create deep peace and and strength within, and allowing yourself to move past any fears or doubts about your practice or yourself. In this challenging class we will go deeper into the poses that may still be mysterious to you. We will generate internal heat through a strong vinyasa then break down poses and you will be able to playfully try different transitions and variations!!

Mark Blanchard’s Power Yoga
4344 Tujunga Ave. Studio City, CA
(818) 769-6427


Listen - we know these are tough times. We know that many of you can't afford to attend yoga classes. BUT YOU DON"T HAVE TO LET YOUR BODY GO.

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Check out our upcoming workshops. We offer monthly workshops in both studios.



Mark Blanchard

Mark is the co-owner of the Power Yoga Centers along with his wife Elizabeth Blanchard (also a Power Yoga instructor). He has been studying yoga for over 30 years and has been teaching since 1993. Mark has a diverse background starting out as a semi-professional athlete, then a working actor and now a full-time yoga instructor. Mark trains many celebrities and professional athletes in the art of Power Yoga and teaches at both Los Angeles studios. Mark travels worldwide for workshops and yoga retreats to spread his unique version of purist Power Yoga.








Elizabeth Blanchard

Elizabeth Blanchard is co-owner of the Power Yoga Centers along with her husband Mark. Elizabeth has a large following of loyal students at the Studio City Yoga Center. She teaches workshops at the Brentwood studio at least once per month. She has been practicing yoga since 1994. While teaching, Elizabeth strives to challenge students to quiet the mind and explore what strengths lie hidden our bodies and more importantly our spirits.




Noelle Beaugureau


Heather Dawn

Originally from New York, Heather was introduced to Yoga in her late teens. After ten years of being a student I earned my teacher’s certification in Power Yoga here in Los Angeles. Yoga taught me many things, especially how to overcome obstacles in my life.


In Heather's words:
One of my big obstacles was panic attacks. Without the use of medication, Yoga brought me back into balance by strengthening and reconnecting my physical body with my mind and most importantly teaching me how to breathe when the going got tough. The breath is the most important part of the practice and I often refer to it as the reigns to pull the body mind connection together. Panic made me want to run, Yoga taught me how to surrender and stay calm. Practicing yoga gave me a chance to reevaluate what was working for me and what wasn’t in terms of my beliefs, behaviors and goals. It taught me how to make choices, take action and be more present. As a teacher I am always a student. What I learn I teach. What I teach, I learn. And always making sure there’s lots of fun and funny to be had. After breathing, laughter is the best medicine we have! Because at the end of the day, despite the beautiful bodies we sculpt and the great epiphanies we come to laugh a little, it’s just yoga.



Alex Dawson



Bethany Dotson










Katie Fink

Julie Guisasola


Grace Huang


Megan Hyndman

A former personal trainer, Megan was always looking for ways to supplement her vigorous, competitive, and unhealthy exercise regimen. She tried Power Yoga for the first time over ten years ago and it changed her life. The discipline required spoke to her competitive nature, but for the first time she discovered that finding strength did not have to be debilitating, that power could coexist with peace. Power Yoga's emphasis on balance of mind, body and spirit helped Megan overcome her damaging routine and turn her focus to a love and acceptance of self, without surrendering the potential of progress.


Megan's teaching philosophy tries to incorporate that juxtaposition into her classes--to encourage each student to challenge their bodies while calming their minds and releasing their own judgments. With both of her parents suffering from various joint and spine problems, Megan particularly encourages students to be mindful of their own abilities, limitations, and particular health. She has been featured on the Travel Channel's Healthy Bodies.



Beau King

On June 19th, 1994 I moved to Los Angeles. The very next day my roommate at the time took me to my first yoga class. I have been practicing ever since. My first teachers were Maty Ezraty and Chuck Miller, the founders of Yoga Works in Santa Monica. I ended up working there from 1996 to 2000, took their Teacher's Training Program in 1997, and started teaching on a regular basis beginning in 1999. Growing up in the Midwest, I would often attend church with my family on Sundays, but the feeling of real spiritual connection continued to elude me until I found the practice. It felt like the spirit and the body were finally united, and I came away from every practice with a feeling of euphoria tempered with a groundedness that left me with a clearer mind and a stronger awareness of my physical capabilities. In my classes I try to emphasize basic technique, with long holds in postures interspersed with challenging sequences and an emphasis on developing core strength. I draw heavily from the Ashtanga Yoga tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India, where much of the "Power Yoga" approach is derived from. If you're looking for a no-nonsense class where you can challenge yourself and quiet your mind, I try to provide an atmosphere where both can happen.


John Mackow

A pianist, an actor, a collegiate swimmer, and once a US Air Force captain, John’s unique individual resume lends itself to a unique yoga class experience. John grounds his yoga practice and teaching style from his practical experiences in the arts and athletics and from the great philosophies of all cultures, from Zoroaster, to Nietzsche, to Sartre, to the Tao, and to the Vedas. John centers his practice in mindfulness, gently guiding the students into an awareness of the slightest and simplest of physical movement and thought impulses, and then gradually builds the practice peaking in a flow of more demanding postures. John believes the purpose of the yoga practice is to penetrate deep into your mental, physical, and emotional core, and then utilize the flow postures to facilitate the removal of any residual toxins from the inside out, leaving the body and mind clear, open, and more in touch with the truth of our inner being.



Milena Rinalla


Steven Vincent

Steven has been a dedicated Yogi for 15 years and now teaches private and group classes full-time. Through the diligent study and practice of yoga, he has healed multiple dislocations to both knees, chronic lower back pain, sacroiliac joint problems, sciatica, insomnia and asthma and has also calmed and centered his mind. Steven’s class at Mark Blanchard’s Power Yoga is challenging yet at the same time accessible to the beginner. In his class you will develop strength as well as ease in body and mind. Steven is an occasional contributor to LA Yoga Magazine and also helps to lead Peace Is Every Step-LA, which organizes monthly walking meditations inspired by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh.


Other Teachers at Mark Blanchard's Power Yoga Centers:
Zorayda Alviar
Albena Teofilova





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